Monday, December 3, 2012

Where have we been, you ask?

 Well, it's been a busy set of days for sure.  Thursday you already know was full of appointments.  Luckily on Friday, Ryan got to rest at home, I got to rest at home, and Dave had to take the day off to take care of us. All I have to say about the whole thing is, thank God for antibiotics. I finally felt human again after about 36 hours on the meds, and :::knock on wood::: it appears that we escaped anyone else in the house catching it! Those are some definite answered prayers right there!
So, as for what we've been up to, here's a brief snapshot. Warning, this post is super picture-heavy. :)    

My brother's girlfriend, Monica, signed my parents, Dani and me into Disneyland on Saturday.

If Dani had a favorite princess, it would definitely be Cinderella. Or Rapunzel. Or Ariel. :)

They made me wear a button so that all of the cast members would have to wish me a happy birthday!

First time on the teacups. I'd say she liked it. :)

2012 will henceforth be known as the year that Dani finally liked Santa.

As if Disneyland wasn't enough fun for one day, my family came over and brought me a birthday dinner complete with candle-lit cheesecake!

No update would be complete without some pics of Ryan! For some reason I have a sleep theme going here, but he is staying awake and so alert for longer and longer each day.

I just think it's so cute how he falls asleep holding onto his little stuffed paci holder (Paci Plushies). This was from last night.

And this one was from tonight. lately after I read his book, he actually gets upset if I don't give him my finger to hold onto. Then he closes his eyes and starts to fall asleep while I sit with him and let him hold my finger. It's the sweetest thing, and such a great feeling now that he's getting more aware of us being there with him.

He's been doing really well. Still sats 97-100 when we hook him up to the pulse-ox at night, even on .5 liters. He's eating more and more, but mostly through the tube. The GI doctor wants to keep working on his weight gain, so we are adding fortifier back into his milk, but only 22 calories, and we increased his feed amounts. We've been working on stretches and tummy time at home to help his physical development. He's getting slightly better at trying to lift his head up and look around. He'll get there. :) We still love his new nurse, and we're looking into getting another nurse trained with him for back-up/possible weekends. Thank you for the continued prayers, love and support. We appreciate all of you!

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