Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another Eye Follow-Up.

This afternoon I took Ryan to see Dr. Rieser, the eye surgeon who removed his lens.  She was pleased with the way his eye looked, especially the part where she put the light to the side of his eye and he actually LOOKED toward it!  Then she moved it to the other side of his head, and he just went ahead and tracked his eyes right over to the other side.  So proud of our little guy and so thankful for these doctors who really do help work miracles.  She had already spoken with Dr. Uribe and knew he was getting his contacts this Friday, and she is really optimistic that they would make a big difference for him.  She gave it to me straight that the contacts would be a challenge to put in and take out daily, but she said she could tell we would do a good job with it.  I hope we don't disappoint, because I admit, I'm a little nervous!  Dave is going to have to take him to the appointment to pick them up, so he's already promised he'll take a video of the doctor when she demonstrates the tricks to getting them in and out.  Who ever would've imagined, a baby with contacts?!  My eyes are watering again just thinking about it...

Tomorrow we have Ryan's ABR test.  This is the more extensive hearing test where he needs to sleep for an hour or an hour and a half so they can put electrodes on his head to read his brainwaves and see what sort of brain activity there is responding to sound.  This should be interesting considering the past few days have been his most awake and alert yet!  The boy just doesn't want to nap anymore!  We're going to get him up early and keep him awake until we get there, but please wish us luck that we can successfully complete this test.  If not, they need to sedate him on another date and try again.  If that becomes the case, I'm going to try to work it so they can do the test while he's already sedated for his Mic-key button placement procedure on the 26th, but I'd rather not have to put him through the test twice if we can avoid it.  So lots of sleep baby prayers for tomorrow morning are greatly appreciated!  I'll update as soon as I can. Thank you.

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