Monday, December 17, 2012


They suck.  That is all.

OK, just kidding, that's not all.  Today they were not so bad.  I actually got them in for the first time since he got them on Friday.  Dave was putting them in all weekend because he was the one who went to the appointment and saw the demonstration on how to use them, so today I had to step it up.  I did my first attempt at around 9am, and that was a big, huge fail.  Then at around 11:30, Ryan was napping so I tried to sneak them in there.  Well, I got them in, but there was really nothing sneaky about the home nurse holding his head down and me yanking his eyelids open.  And the little lenses are so tiny, it's nearly impossible to keep them in your fingers when you are trying to get them in.  But, putting them in when he is just waking up is a lot easier because he's still sort of tired and out of it, so he doesn't fight you off as effectively.  So I did get them in that time, thank God.  Today he was supposed to keep them in for 6 hours, and he did!  He also didn't let any pop out or slide into the bottom of his eye like he had been doing, so that was really good, too.  I think he's starting to get used to them!  It's still hard to tell if he can actually see even with them in, but we are very hopeful.  We've been doing a lot of visual stimulation with him while he's wearing them to help him get used to seeing things.  We're very optimistic that all this hard work will pay off for him in the long run.  Now that is all. ;)

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