Sunday, December 23, 2012

Need some positive stuff...

The dreaded day has arrived where Ryan is actually acting sick.  He started with a little extra coughing yesterday, but it seemed to clear up.  Then it acted up again this morning and didn't go away with his nebulizers like it normally does.  He's been a little off today, and tonight he was desatting more than I've seen since he's been home.  Actually, the only time I've seen him desat at all is when he manages to pull his prongs out of his nose.  This time, his prongs were fully in and the pulse-ox monitor was getting a good, solid readout, but those numbers just kept dropping.  We ended up turning up his oxygen this morning, and then again tonight when he was desatting, so he's up to 1.5L right now.  His normal is .5L.  I called the on-call pulmonologist, and he told us to bring him into the ER, but I know that's what they tell everyone so I asked if he could talk it out with me first because it's not exactly easy for us to just hop over to CHOC late at night with a 2 year old at home.  I told him that he was satting 100 on the higher flow and asked if we could just keep him on that until tomorrow and see how he does.  He agreed, but said if his sats drop below 92 tonight while he's on 1.5L we need to bring him in right away, which is totally understandable.  As I type, he's laying here next to me satting 99, so I'm hopeful he'll maintain that level throughout the night.  He also said we should give the alburterol nebulizer treatment every 4 hours through the night and tomorrow, until he starts to feel better, which is also fine.  So, right now, aside from an occasional coughing fit, he seems to be doing ok.  We could really use a lot of positive thoughts and prayers that he can pull through this little cold without it turning into something nasty.  We REALLY don't want to have to bring him into the hospital for his first Christmas.  Please help us pray for a little Christmas miracle.  The power of prayer really can work miracles.  Thank you.

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