Friday, December 7, 2012


Once again...CRAZY times in the Aprea household.  I'm sure that will be a running theme for the next year or two, but we're really becoming very competent in dealing with the crazy.  If any of you ever have any crazy you need help dealing with, please, feel free to call us.  We've got plenty of experience!

So, crazy day part 1.  Morning edition.  Eileen (the home nurse) and I drove Ryan out to Arcadia to meet with the baby contact lens guru, and let me tell you, she really was amazing.  We spent a few hours with her examining his eyes and figuring out the perfect prescription for his eyes.  I really still didn't believe she was going to have me put in and take out contact lenses from a 8.5 month old baby's eyes every morning and night, but she assured me that parents just find a way.  And, well, we've become the king and queen of "finding a way" so I'm sure we'll be fine.  But OMG did my eyes water every time she took them in and out.  In fact, my eyes are watering now just typing about it!  The lens that is going on the right eye to replace the lens is super thick, it almost looks like she took a crescent off a marble and stuck it on his eye.  But once he had it in, Ryan didn't seem to mind as much as I did.  The other contact lens in the left eye is correcting myopia, which is extreme nearsightedness.  The lens for that eye looks much thinner and more like what you'd normally expect a contact to look like.  She popped them in the first time and then used a yellow dye that looked like highlighter ink to see how they fit.  She would shine the dye with a blacklight and it would light up purple.  It was interesting to watch, but we're still wiping highlighter-yellow eye boogers out of his eyes.  The best part of the whole day was once he had the contacts in, the shiftiness of his eyes dramatically decreased.  We all noticed it.  The lenses he tried today were more for sizing purposes, but they were close to what his prescription will be.  He was definitely trying to steady his gaze and LOOK at things when he had them in.  It was quite an emotional moment for me.  We'll be going in next week to pick Ryan's contacts up and get some more instruction on how to put them in and get them out, so wish us luck with that! 

Crazy day part 2, afternoon edition.  When we got home from the appoitment, Dani was still napping with my mom watching her at my house.  Poor thing woke up twice in a sweat.  She's been running a low grade fever since Wed when she got sent home from school, but today she seemed worse.  So when she woke up from her nap completely soaked and crying that her throat hurt, off to the doctor we went.  She's always so healthy, it was strange going to the doctor with her instead of Ryan.  They did a rapid strep test since I just had strep, but it came back negative.  They still want to start her on the antibiotics because there is a chance of a false negative on those tests.  We'll get the regular test results tomorrow. In the meantime, she is feeling awful and asked me to put her to bed at 5:45.  She's got Tylenol and Amoxicillin on board and she's sleeping comfortably, so we're praying she'll wake up much improved in the morning.  I hate seeing the poor girl so sick!  When I put her to bed early, she skipped the usual two books we read, but she did ask to pray.  So I prayed for her strength and healing and I told her God would be watching over her tonight and Jesus would be sitting with her with His arms around her, and she was very pleased with that.  Then she said, "And Santa will be here kissing me, too."  That little girl has so much love in her, we love her so much!

So tonight we're praying that the men of the house can stay strong and healthy and not catch this nasty bug we have going around.  Thanks for always supporting our crazy. ;)

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