Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quick morning update.

For those not on Facebook, I wanted to give a quick update before I head over to CHOC.  Ryan did really well overnight and seems to be improving this morning.  They had to suction him a lot, and they changed up his nebulizer regiment a little bit, and he's sounding less wheezy this morning.  His heart rate is finally starting to come down, too, which is a good sign that he's not working as hard to breathe.  We are so thankful for all the prayers and we know that God is so good to our little boy.  Dave was a super dad last night and spent the second night in a row with him so that I could spend the night with Dani.  I'll be heading over there to spend today and the rest of the night with him so Dave can get some Dani time, too, and I can get some more Ryan time!  As much as we dislike having him sick and in the hospital, it has been really nice to see the familiar faces at CHOC.  RTs, PTs, and nurses that knew him from the NICU days have been stopping by to say hi and are so pleased to see how big Ryan looks.  Such a strong little boy with so many who love him.

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wgroff said...

So glad he seems to be getting better. CHOP is a great hospital so I know he's in great hands.

Praying you'll get to bring him home soon!

Wendy Groff