Sunday, January 6, 2013

Speedy Recovery

I don't want to jinx anything, but things have been so great with Ryan since we got home.  Once he turned the RSV corner and got back on his low flow cannula, he was just as good as new!  Well, as good as *his* new, but that's all we ask!  One step at a time :)

We were really lucky to have these last few days at home to relax and readjust before heading back to work tomorrow.  It's been so fun to play with Ryan and see how much stronger he is getting each day.  I feel like I'm watching him through the lens of my iPhone video camera 90% of the time because I keep hoping to catch him in the act of a milestone.  He's SO close to rolling over, it's funny to put him on his play mat and watch him swing his legs back and forth with all his might as if he's trying to gain momentum to get his chunky little self all the way onto his belly.  It'll be any day now, I can feel it!  He's also getting better at holding his neck up, especially when we hold him in the sitting position.  I'm excited for his physical therapy appointment on Thursday so we can see how far he's come since his evaluation and see how close he is to doing other fun things like starting solids.

Thank you all for checking in on him and keeping him in your prayers.  We're feeling so blessed to be home and healthy for the new year!  Now we just need to keep those prayers going through the rest of the flu season!  I think we can, I think we can!

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