Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some great news!

I just got off the phone with Dave, and I had to update the great news before I head over there to switch off.  Ryan is weaning down on the oxygen and doing great! He's down to a flow of 5 and keeping his sats up at 35% oxygen.  So, we're getting closer to low flow!  Keep those prayers coming, we want to get him home before this break is over so we can have those last few days of family time! 

In other news, Ryan is really seeming like he's starting to come online with his development.  I know he will be delayed, and it could be a few years before he fully catches up, but it really gets exciting to see him starting to do those "normal" baby things.  When I talked to Dave, he asked me to bring some teething toys because Ryan is trying to chew on everything.  I actually noticed when I was there that he was getting a little bit fussy, and if I put my finger in his mouth he would bite down on it and calm down, but of course I didn't even think of teething because when he has so many other things going on you almost forget that there are normal baby milestones he's going to have going on as well!  It's crazy to think that I'm actually EXCITED about my baby teething, but I am!  He's also getting better at holding his neck up when we support him in a sitting position.  This one is HUGE because he's been pretty behind physically, but he's acting like he's starting to get it now.  He actually really likes sitting up with us supporting him, and even though we don't know exactly how much he is seeing, he sure does look around the room like he's taking everything in. 

I just had to share all this great news before heading up to see him.  Thank you for continuing the positive thoughts and prayers for him.  He has such an amazing support team in you all!

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