Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fun-Filled Weekend!

It's been a fun but busy weekend for us.  On Saturday, I took Dani to our friend's daughter's 1st birthday party which was a block away from my aunt and uncle's house, so Dave dropped us off and took Ryan over there for a visit since he couldn't be around all the crowds at the party.  I think it was really good for us all to get out of the house for a little bit. 

Then today my family came over to celebrate my brother's birthday.  My mom made dinner and cheesecake, and Dani enjoyed her 2nd and 3rd cupcake for the weekend.  Don't worry, she pretty much only eats the frosting. ;)  She has continued to boycott her naps, but she's going to bed an hour earlier and sleeping in more in the morning, so I suppose she's getting enough sleep.  Just seems crazy to be giving up the nap already!

Ryan loved spending time with family this weekend, and since everyone was healthy he even got to be held by his uncle Glenn for the first time!  We had to get a picture because he wore his little Polo shirt just for his uncle, who also happened to be wearing one today. 

Ryan is continuing to challenge his strength during tummy time.  He's lifting his head up more and moving his legs like he's thinking about what crawling might be like at some point.  I'm really not worried about reaching any of those movement milestones anytime soon since Dani didn't crawl until she was 11 months old, and didn't walk until 16.5 months.  And she didn't have an excuse!  He is definitely working hard and trying his best, and he'll get there with time and lots of practice.  It is really exciting to see him working hard and making good progress, though. 

Oh, we had another little miracle I have to share.  Yesterday when we got home from my Aunt and Uncle's, we realized one of Ryan's contacts wasn't in his eye.  They pop out pretty frequently, but since we never really take him outside of the living room we can usually find it pretty quickly.  Well, we searched everywhere: the floor, his car seat, the car, all the clothes he was wearing, all of his swings/bouncy seats, blankets, EVERYTHING.  We once thought it was lost and found it stuck to the back of his head, so we checked his bath water after he got out of the tub.  We texted my aunt to have her check her house, even though I checked his eyes before we left knowing we'd be bummed if they weren't both in his eyes and we left one there.  Nothing.  So we went to bed hoping we'd find it with a fresh look in the morning.  Morning came and we researched everything to no avail.  We were talking about calling the eye doctor on Monday and how we should get a backup set and why can't they just give us glasses, etc.  Then, after I changed his diaper, I went to put him in his seat to set up his feed, and right there in the bottom of the seat, in completely plain view, was his contact.  I had actually just posted for some positive thoughts and prayers in my preemie support group to help find it, when out of nowhere it appeared in plain sight on a seat I must've checked at least five times.  It was truly bizarre and a nice little miracle to start out our Sunday morning.

Thank you all again for keeping our little guy in your prayers.  I know that all the love and support is helping him so much.  I get a nice email from my grandparents with a little prayer for Ryan every night, and it's a constant reminder of how many people are out there praying for him.  And it just makes me appreciate every little milestone and mark of progress he makes because I know he has this village helping him get there one day at a time.

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