Monday, November 19, 2012

It's the Craziest Thing.

Somehow the craziest days seem to work out the best for us!  So much great news to share today. :)

First, we had a well check with the pediatrician to get Ryan weighed and get his flu booster shot.  I was a little nervous because the times I had weighed him at home, he seemed like he wasn't gaining much, but hanging steady at right around 13lbs.  So, I kinda stopped checking his weight about a week ago.  We continued our feeding plan (7 times during the day with just plain breastmilk, no more fortifier), and I hoped for the best.  I mean really, the boy does not look like he's starving.  He's got rolls on his rolls.  I figured if he wasn't gaining it was because he was just evening out from gaining so much while on the fortifier.  Well, Ryan went ahead and proved again what a super chunk he is!  He weighed in at 13lb 12oz!  That's almost one pound higher than his last visit when he was 12lb 14oz.  So amazing to think he started out at under 2 pounds!  He handled his flu shot like a champ and just cried for a few seconds before I could get his binky back in his mouth.  I haven't done the whole thankful thing on Facebook, but today I am thankful for Ryan's binky!  He loves that thing.

After that appointment, we drove straight to CHLA for his pre-op check up.  I was told it was an "anesthesia evaluation" and I tried to get his pulmonologist at CHOC to send a medical clearance so we wouldn't have to drive all the way out to LA and back twice this week, but she felt it was necessary for him to go.  So we went.  And it was basically just a check-up almost identical to the one we had at the pediatrician earlier, and they asked me a bunch of questions they had already asked me over the phone on Friday.  Really don't see the point, but thankfully we made it there and back in time for Dani's preschool Thanksgiving Feast.  Otherwise I might have had some words. ;)

In other news, the new home nurse, Eileen, started today, and so far we really like her!  She is great with kids and totally interacted with both Dani and Ryan, which doesn't seem like much to ask of a pediatric nurse but it was above and beyond what our previous nurse would do.  She rode along with us throughout this crazy day of appointments and was really easy to get along with and knew how to work Ryan's equipment.  Today was kind of like a training day since she'll be off the rest of the week, but I'm so glad we're able to have today and Monday to get to know her before I leave Ryan with her on Tuesday and go back to work.  We're praying she works out well because we really like her and the new company she works with.  If you are looking for a home nurse in Southern California, please send me a message so I can let you know our experience with these two very different companies!

The biggest prayers we need tonight are for his eye surgery tomorrow.  I have such a great feeling about this because I just feel like God is watching over us this week and answering our prayers left an right.  We have the first OR slot in the morning, so we have to check in at 5:30am.  So, we're planning on a 4:30am departure tomorrow.  Dani is spending the night with her grandma and papa tonight and tomorrow so that we can leave early tomorrow and then spend the night up there in the hospital with him.  So thankful this is working out so we can have our little family back together in time for Thanksgiving on Thursday. 

Thank you for all the love and prayers.  We're feeling the power of all those positive thoughts more than ever this week!
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Holly Wilson said...

Praying for tomorrow! Let us know how it goes as soon as you have a minute. I'm anxious to hear how "Baby Ryan" does & what his post-op prognosis is.