Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ultrasound Update

Just wanted to post a quick update for those who are checking in on Ryan.  We had the ultrasound on his abscess this afternoon, and the doctor's office called back to let us know that is, in fact, an abscess.  So first thing tomorrow morning we will meet with a pediatric surgeon to find out more about what we need to do to take care of it. 

Here's all the good news, and proof to me that all our prayers are being heard:

1.  The ultrasound experience was totally seamless AND Ryan and I got to visit with one of his primary NICU nurses while we were there :)

2.  When I called the number the pediatrician gave me for a particular surgeon, another pediatric surgeon's office answered and explained that doctor didn't work there, but they had some wonderful pediatric surgeons available.  So, I got their names and did a little research, and it turned out the one surgeon in that office who would be able to see Ryan first thing in the morning is the SAME surgeon who did Ryan's penrose drain placement when he had a bowel perforation when he was only 8 days old in the NICU.  We really liked him and now I'm so excited they gave me the wrong phone number!

3.  Ryan pooped tonight for the first time in 5 days.  You're welcome for that one.

All in all, we're just thankful that Ryan is handling this like a champ (as always).  They gave us things to look for as far as infection, and he hasn't had any of the typical symptoms.  Other than a painful looking hard, red lump on his bottom, he's been his regular happy self! 

I am a bit nervous about having to sedate him, but I know this surgeon has lots of NICU experience and will understand the risks involved and make sure that he's closely monitored if he does end up needing sedation.  Oh, and his eye doctor knows this surgeon well and said if he does sedate him to give him a call because he'll come over and check the pressures in his eyes since it's something that *should* be done, but he couldn't justify sedating a kid like Ryan for something like that on its own.  So that's more good news!  You all know how much I love to get as much done as possible if they have to sedate him.  I'm actually planning on bringing the ENT's MRI order along with me tomorrow to see if they can just knock that all out in one sitting if they do end up sedating him.  Then we can get the ball rolling on his cochlear implants. :)

Thanks for the continued love and prayers.  Keep them coming as we get through this little bump in the road!

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Amanda said...

Lots of love to you and prayers for Ryan