Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Late Night Update.

I was holding off on updating as long as possible in the hopes that things might change, but alas, Ryan and Dave will be spending another night at CHOC.  They started him back on his formula today at a continuous drip of 40mls and he did ok, but he did throw up.  They know that his "normal" is to throw up 1-2 times a day even on a good day, so they weren't too concerned.  Then they decided to stop the continuous feed and try him with 50mls an hour after they stopped the continuous stuff.  He had a pretty big vomit right after they started that, so they stopped it and put him back on pedialyte only.  They are giving him a feed of 50mls right now as I type because he's had a few hours off formula, and he's tolerating it fine, so that's good news.  Hopefully he will keep that up and they can get him discharged tomorrow!  I'll be heading over there in the morning to take over for the day.

On the bright side of him being stuck in the hospital, he got to see one of the GI doctors who remembered him from his NICU stay.  Dr. Lebel was one of the doctors who inserted his peg (g-tube) right before discharge in October and she was so impressed with how much he's grown.  She adjusted his prevacid dose for his weight, and she said we could stop giving the erythromycin since it's the type of drug that either works or doesn't and you would be able to tell if it was working.  Since he still throws up pretty regularly, it's obviously not working so there's no sense in taking it.  Also, she got us an appointment to see her in her office on Monday so we can reevaluate everything with his feeding schedules and meds to make sure we're optimizing everything we can to keep him from throwing up daily.  Hopefully we can get to the bottom of everything with her!

Thank you for praying with us that he will come home soon.  I know, as frustrating as it is to have him stuck in there, it happens for a reason.  I think the reason this time is that we needed to be seen by Dr. Lebel, so I'm thankful for that opportunity.  I hope it leads to greater health and healing for Ryan!

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