Monday, April 15, 2013

Discharge and Follow Up

Sorry I haven't updated other than on Facebook to let everyone know Ryan got discharged on Thursday morning!  It was such a silly ordeal, I don't even want to get into all the boring details of how they weren't going to let him go until he was back to his baseline feeds and not throwing up, even though his baseline is to throw up 1-2 times a day even when he doesn't have a stomach bug.  I'll just say that by the time I got there at 9am, I had already talked to the NP on the phone, and he already knew I would be paging him as soon as I got there and that we would be working on discharge paperwork.  Which is exactly what happened.  And lo and behold, Ryan has been great since he's been home.  Yes, he has thrown up  a little bit here and there, but I can tell this is extremely different from what he was doing last Saturday, and he's keeping his feeds down fine now, so there's no reason to be concerned.

In other news, he's changing and growing by leaps and bounds!  Last night I watched him sleep while I was getting his last feed set up, and I made Dave come look at his face because I couldn't believe how much he is starting to look like his daddy!  And then two different people made comments today that they think he looks so much like Dave.  It's amazing and crazy at the same time because our little baby is turning into a little boy!

He's loving his bouncy seat lately.  He still has a hard time holding his head upright, but he does it for short periods, and even when he's leaning to the side he still goes to town working those legs and bouncing like a mad man.  He can really get himself going in there now.  He's starting to roll onto his side more and more and when he plays on his mat he scoots himself all around in a circle to reach for his various toys.  He also made a huge feeding breakthrough tonight when I gave him a mum mum cracker while we were all sitting at the table eating dinner, and he put it right into his mouth and just started gnawing all over it!  Hopefully this teething will be the motivation he needs to really start loving putting food in his mouth!  His first tooth started coming in on March 17th, and then we noticed the second tooth popping through a few days ago.

Since he's been home we had an eye appointment on Friday with his contact lens specialist.  Dave took him to the appointment and asked if we really needed to put in the contacts at this young of an age since they just pop out and get lost constantly anyways, and we feel like he's seeing without them.  She was 100% convinced that they need to be worn daily.  I understand the right eye needing it since the lens in his eye has been removed and he needs the contact to help that eye focus.  But I don't understand the left eye.  We even took him to a local optometrist for a quick exam and second opinion and he felt like the left eye was just slightly nearsighted and probably didn't need to be corrected yet.  But our ophthalmologist is still insisting he should wear both.  Well.  God has made the decision for us because the very next day we put both in and guess which one popped out and has never been seen again?  Yup.  The left one.  So, there you go.  Guess we won't be putting that one in anymore!  At least not for a little while until we can follow up with her and maybe get a different size ordered so at least it won't pop out anymore.

We had a GI follow-up appointment today, but it wasn't with our regular GI doctor.  We'll follow up with him in one month.  The appointment went well.  We adjusted his prevacid dose a bit and cut out the erythromycin.  She changed the prevacid to a more concentrated dosage so he'll just get it once a day instead of twice.  She said it would help spike into his blood better to get one higher dose than two lower doses throughout the day.  I know I must sound like a skeptic when I type, but I'm not so sure the meds are even doing anything.  Today was his best day yet as far as throwing up, and guess what?  He didn't even have ANY prevacid because we ran out last night and when I called today to get it refilled, the new order hadn't been sent in to the pharmacy yet.  So the guy said he would call me back if he hadn't heard from them by 2.  But he never called me back.  So now we're a whole day off it and I'm seriously tempted to go another day without and see if he continues to improve.  ;)

Lastly, I'm excited to share that a new home nurse started with us today and she is AH-MAZE-ING!  First day on the job and I am so completely impressed and thankful for her dedication, professionalism and that just all around good vibe she gives off.  So blessed that she is going to be helping us take care of Ryan, and I know he's going to benefit from even more loving care!  My mom has been so wonderful taking care of both Dani and Ryan on the days that I've been working, and it's such a relief to know she's going to have some good help again.  Truly counting our blessings tonight.

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