Thursday, March 21, 2013

1 Year Update!

Feeling so blessed that I even get to type this update.  It's definitely been a crazy, bumpy road to get here, but we made it.  And things can only get better from here!  I'm already starting to feel like a bit of the burden of the constant doctors' visits is lightening up, and now that we've hit our 20 therapy session limit that's covered by insurance, the Regional Center is going to take over and they send someone out to our home to see him.  So, slowly but surely, life is getting a bit more normal. :) 

Now for some updates on our superman.  He had his 12 month well check today, and his pediatrician was pleased with his growth curve, as was I!  He's actually ON the charts, which is huge!  He's got a pretty steady foothold on the charts for his adjusted age (8.5 months), but he's even starting to creep his way up onto the charts in some areas for his ACTUAL age of 1 year, which is fantastic!  Here's where he's at now:

Weight: 17lbs 7.6oz (20% adjusted/5%actual)
Height: 26.5in (5% adjusted/not on the charts for actual) 

Head Circumference: 44cm (45% adjusted/15% actual)

She said his lungs sounded great, no wheezing at all.  He was so smiley and happy for her, and even showed of his first tooth that's popping in on the bottom.  The singlulair that pulmonary started him on really seems to be helping.  They said it would take a few weeks to kick in, and the last 2 days he's woken up with barely any cough.  On top of that, he hasn't thrown up in 3 days now!  (Please God, don't let me have jinxed that one!)  Overall, he just seems so much more healthy.  Hopefully it's a sign that this flu season is coming to and end and he can finally enjoy getting out of the house and exploring the world a bit more.

Speaking of exploring the world, he's been moving himself around a lot more lately.  If we let him play on his back on the play mat, he will swing his legs side to side and even roll from back to belly now.  He's not doing it completely on his own every time, but he HAS done it, which is huge!  He loves getting a little help from mommy or grandma if he gets stuck. :)  When he's not in the mood for rolling, he'll kick his legs up and down and push off to scoot himself back all the way off the mat, sliding on his back head first.  The other day he slid himself in a circle so he ended up perpendicular to where I had originally laid him down.  It's great to see him feeling good enough to really work those muscles and try to make himself more mobile in any way he can.

As for feeding, he's still experimenting with different tastes and textures.  He tolerates purees ok, most days he seems to like squash and bananas the best.  He's not a huge fan of carrots.  We recently let him try a mum mum rice cracker just for a new type of feel in his mouth, and that was a hit.  He first broke it into pieces so he could hold a chunk in each hand.  Then he brought one of the pieces right to his mouth and started gnawing on it.  He didn't get a lot down, but he definitely played with it for quite some time and all that really matters is that he continues to like doing it. So, hopefully we're heading in the right direction with his food.

He's just waking up, so I'll have to cut this short.  Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  I'll try to post some pictures later. :)

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Iain said...

It is so encouraging to read this. We pray for the Lord's continued blessings upon and provision for you all. You're in our thoughts and prayers daily.