Saturday, June 15, 2013

Big Sister Update

Dani had a pretty big milestone today, and Dave and I were just talking about how cute it was, so I wanted to get it down in writing so we can remind her of this day someday when she's older.  She remembered her first dream!  If you've seen this girl's bed head, you know she must have lots of dreams when she sleeps, but whenever I asked her about them, she didn't seem to really understand the concept of dream vs. reality.

This morning she woke up in a particularly cheerful mood.  When I walked into her room, we had our normal good mornings and discussed what she'd like for breakfast.  As she was climbing out of her bed she said, "Mommy, do you want to see my special dollhouse?!"  She was so excited, so of course I joined in her enthusiasm and said, "Sure!" thinking she was going to take me out and show me one of her regular dollhouses in the living room.  Instead, she brought me to our sliding door that leads to the backyard and said, "It's outside!  It has lots of slides.  Hey, where is it?"  She put her face to the glass and searched the yard, bewildered.  I asked her if it was just a dream and she said, "Oh.  Yeah." and walked into the kitchen for breakfast.

I don't know why this struck me as so adorable, probably her face when it lit up as she remembered the special dollhouse she had dreamed up.  In a way, I was glad she didn't get upset or hurt when she realized it WAS just a dream.  She just went along with it and carried on with her day.  Hopefully her happy dreams and special dollhouses will visit her again tonight. :)

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