Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MRI Tomorrow

I know, I know. Here I go again not posting for a really long time and then coming on here asking for prayers. It's just that I know these prayers work, and Ryan could really use them for tomorrow.  It's going to be a pretty big day, with some pretty big news to follow. Tomorrow we are heading to CHOC for an MRI of his ears/brain. This will determine whether or not he will be a candidate for the cochlear implant, which will give him the miracle of hearing. I know that no matter the outcome, he will be fine and we will be fine.  We will just push forward with learning sign language and tapping in to his other senses to help him communicate and thrive in a hearing world.  But any hearing at all through and aid or an implant would be such a blessing in our lives. It would mean so much for his learning and development.  So lots of prayers tonight for a successful MRI tomorrow (we're getting a special cardiac anesthesiologist to monitor his pulmonary hypertension while he's sedated) and then continued prayers for some good news for his hearing would be so greatly appreciated. As soon as I get the results from the doctor, I'll be sure to update here.

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Johanna said...

Can't wait to hear some great news!!!