Saturday, February 23, 2013

One for the Baby Book

Dear Ryan,

As you surely know by know, we've been putting contact lenses in your eyes for around 2 months now.  So far, we have had to replace your lenses twice because they've popped out and become lost.  You've gotten very good at sticking your fingers in your eyes and dislodging them, much to our dismay.  The second replacement lens showed up in the mail this Thursday.  We were so excited to get your contacts back in because they really do seem to make a difference, especially with the shifty eye thing you do when you aren't wearing them.  So we put them in that night right before dinner.  We hooked up your feed, ate our dinners together, and then daddy went to check your lenses.  The right one, the one we had just received in the mail, was already gone!!  We were in disbelief.  It had only been an hour, and you hadn't even moved locations!

So, we went into contact search mode.  "Nobody move.  Stop where you are and look all around you.  Start with where he was sitting and move outward, it HAS to be somewhere!!"  We searched and searched.  We checked all the typical places, your chubby neck rolls, inside your shirt, the tops and bottoms of your eyelids, the bouncy seat you were sitting in, all the toys you played with, the carpet, we even changed your diaper and searched that in case it somehow fell in there.  It was nowhere to be found.  I actually started to think to myself that maybe it was a sign from God that these contacts are just too ridiculous and we shouldn't be using them.  I prayed and basically said, "If you want us to find it, then please show us where it is.  If not, then this is the last time we'll replace it.  I can take a hint."

After about an hour of searching, it was bedtime for both kids.  I took Dani for a bath and story time, and Dave took you for your bath.  Every night before she goes to sleep, Dani says her prayers and she usually includes you in there.  Tonight I asked if she could pray for your eyes and ask God to help us find your contact, so she said, "Dear God, please help fix Ry Ry's eyes and help him find the lost ton-tat."  I kissed her goodnight and came out of her room to find your daddy doing a happy dance.  "Guess what??  I FOUND IT!!  It was stuck to his BUTT CHEEK!"  God has a pretty good sense of humor.

The next morning, I was playing with you on the mat and I got ready to change your diaper, and I remembered that I should tell Dani that her prayers were answered!  So I told her, "Guess what, Dani!  Your prayers really helped.  God showed us Ryan's contact, and guess where it was!  It was stuck to his chubby little bottom!"  She started laughing so hard.  Then, being the good little helper she is, she ran in to grab me one of your cloth diapers from your room.  When she came out she said:

Dani:  Was the ton-tact in this diaper?
Me: No, not that one. :)
Dani:  Was it in that one?  (Pointing to the diaper I was taking off of him)
Me: No, not this one.  It was in a blue one that's in the laundry basket now.
Dani:  Oh.  Is that ton-tact in it?
Me: No, we washed it and put it back in his eyes.
Dani:  (laughing)  God found it on his bottom?  That's the funniest thing I NEVER heard!!
(I do not know where she picks these things up!! LOL)

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