Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EDAC Appointment

I just wanted to quickly update about Ryan's EDAC follow-up today.  Basically, we bring him in to CHOC to get evaluated by a nurse, dietician, two therapists, a social worker, and finally a physician to see how his overall health and development is going after being discharged from the NICU.  He had his first eval like this back in January, so it was kinda cool to have some stats to compare with and see if he's shown any improvement.

The nurse and dietician were really impressed with his relative overall health, weight gain over the last few months (thank you blenderized diet), and regularity (again, thank you blenderized diet).  They asked questions about flu shot and synagis, which we have all scheduled, so that portion was pretty quick.

Then the therapists brought him down to a mat and did various assessments on his gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive development.  This was the coolest part of the appointment because he performed SO much better this time than the first time.  He even babbled up a storm, which is especially impressive since they confirmed what we already know that he doesn't respond to sound even with his hearing aids in.  At his last appointment, his cognitive development was rated  at 4 months, and this time they put him at 7 months!  Last time his gross motor was that of a 1 month old, and this time it was around 4 months!  And fine motor wasn't even on their rating chart last time, but this time it was also 4 months!  So overall, though he is severely delayed, he is working on his own curve and it's moving in the right direction!  I can only imagine how amazing his development will grow once he gets Cochlear Implants (God willing) and can hopefully hear our encouraging words and teachings!

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers you sent his way today, it was really nice to have another appointment with GOOD news this week!

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Melissa said...

Wow! That's a pretty impressive growth developmentally! So proud of your little guy.